May 23, 2012
By Ashly15 GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Ashly15 GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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“Effort is all I ask for, if it doesn’t work out and you have given your all, then there is nothing else I can request.” These exact words have ran through my head like a racecar on a racetrack. My mom has always been there for me which is only part of the reason she is my hero. She has taught me everything I know, always wants the best for me, and is constantly right whether I like it or not.

My mom has taught me everything I know. From being respectful, to how to speak, and even how to eat. Anything I have accepted and will except goes back to my mom. Lets face it, without her, I wouldn’t even exist. Through all the advice she has told me, not one have them have not helped me in one way, shape, or form. Even the simplest advice always helps me. Along with this advice, all my mom wants is what's best for me.

From the beginning she has told me that all she wants is what will be best for me and what will help me succeed. Like all parents my mom wants me to advance my skills not only in school, but in everything I participate in. All my mom requests is that I be myself and believe in myself. Whether it's a job interview, playing softball, or even simply working on homework, she always wants me to give it my all. On the other hand I must admit that ninety nine percent of the time she is right.

“Always be yourself and don’t let anyone change you.” It seemed as though it was a daily quote said five times and only heard twice. If I ask my mom any question she will give me an answer, whether she honestly knows or not. When it comes down to it my mom is always right-- always. I never really thought about before it but she is never ever wrong. Constantly saying the exact words I need to hear.

My hero has taught me, wants the best for me, and is always correct. My mom is the world’s best. She has went way beyond what she needed to do but now has made me who I am today. My best friend is my mom, the one who has said to love life and who gives me advice even when she is worried for me. I can always count on her for anything and everything and I know that under any circumstance, she will never stop loving me. That is why my mom, Pam, is and will continue to be my hero.

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