The Bergers

May 9, 2012
My hero? It used to be J.K. Rowling, no doubt. Now, since almost a year ago, it's changed. Now it would be a family that I know, two people in particular. Molly Rae, and Melissa, her cousin. Molly was our "Rae" of sunshine at my school. She died almost a year ago, May 24th, 4 days before her birthday. She took her sunshine with her. She was always cheerful, always optimistic, perfect. She was beautiful and a natural on stage. One day she would have been famous, until her disease came. From what I've heard, she had it for a while, but now it was showing up.
That disease didn't change her. Even in the hospital, her friends told me she was smiling and making jokes. She was so innocent, so pure. Molly being gone still affects my school, my class especially, and everyone she was in musical with. It was worse when musical came along, without her and it will be worse on her one year angelversary.

Now Melissa. She's Molly's cousin and I don't know exactly what she does, but I know it has something to do with television. After Molly died, she added a lot of Molly's friends as friends on facebook. She talked to us, Ryan especially. Ryan was really hurt after Molly died and she helped him a lot. And even now, almost a year later, she is spreading awareness for Molly's disease, Histio, HLH. She has been so strong during this and I look up to her.

Molly and Melissa are very close to my heart. If I had to pick anyone to be my hero, it would be Molly, with Melissa in a close second.

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