Horrible Hound to Hero

April 21, 2012
By Hannah Bass BRONZE, Kennett Sqaure, Pennsylvania
Hannah Bass BRONZE, Kennett Sqaure, Pennsylvania
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I try being polite and considerate. But the animal shelter taught me unkempt habits and the Cloud Family hates when I bark or chew, especially Mrs. Cloud. She wants to send me back. But Beth is the reason I stay. Even one night when I snuck into her room, she saved me from the repercussions by placing me back in my bed before her parents awoke. On this summer day, I will attempt to redress my behavior. I owe it to Beth.

‘Wiwwy, we goin’ on a (sic) wak!” Beth chirped with glee as she grabbed the leash in her usual benevolent way. I wag my tail as she clips the leash to my new collar. My new collar fills me with pride. For the past two weeks, the Clouds generosity consumes me, for being accepted and loved isn’t common for mutts like me.

Mrs. Cloud, Beth, and I trot down the street towards the park. As we walk, I pull and pull, already breaking my promise of obedience. Mrs. Cloud reprimands me as Beth clutches the leash with all her might.

“Beth, you remember Mrs. Hines, right honey?” Mrs. Cloud asks Beth as we approach a stranger. They continue their conversation as Beth bends over to the edge of the curb to pick a flower.

“Penny!” she squeals with delight as she spots a coin in the middle of the road. She runs out onto the street to retrieve it.

“Beth, no!” Mrs. Cloud yells when she realizes her daughters intentions.

Then I see the car coming towards Beth as she bends over. Realizing she still clutches the leash, I pull her back with all my strength. The car simultaneously tries to break and comes to a stop twenty feet away as Beth falls back. Beth’s flip-flop, which fell off during the fall, lays squashed next to break marks from the tire. Mrs. Cloud runs over to her daughter as Beth cries from both shock and her skinned knee. Mrs. Cloud looks over at me in astonishment. Happiness, then acceptance fills my body. I won’t return to the kennel anytime soon.

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