David Archuleta, Mormon, and Proud ArchAngel

April 14, 2012
By michelleTan GOLD, Bandung, Other
michelleTan GOLD, Bandung, Other
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David James Archuleta is just… amazing.

Oh, just how much I adore him! And it’s not only because of THAT smile he has, that laugh, or that awkwardness and funny attitude. He has the most angelic voice I ever heard on earth, and when he sang something, he meant it from the bottom of his heart. You can tell.
From ordinary teenage boy in Utah, transformed into a successful American Idol breakthrough singer with million fans all around the world—he can’t be one if he doesn’t have something. That something can be his voice (of course!), his laugh, his smiling-eyes, or his down to earth personality. But something for me about David James Archuleta is his David’s side.
That side contains a sweet care, an innocent love, a true self, and whatever it is that I can’t tell you by this words. You just need to know David yourself to simply falling in for him.

It just sad, too sad, to hear the news about his decision to serve as a young missionaries of Mormon Church for two years in proselytizing mission. Don’t get it wrong. It is a very amazing of him. Really, we can’t hear David’s voice for about two years, that’s just helpless.
But then, when I think about it again, all I can say that I’m proud to be an ArchAngel, and I’m proud of David. He doesn’t even know I existed in this world, but he has already made that big impact in my life. Some people, however, still struggling in helpless condition and they need help. They need someone to make sure that they can keep believe. They need that big impact in life that David has already given to me. They need David more than me—I can’t be so egoist.

I can’t get disappointed in David’s decision even if I want to. What he does is too amazing. It just makes me love David James Archuleta more.

So, my David apparently is doing such a huge thing out there.
It’s only about two years, come on, we are stronger than that.
And then, if my friends asked where is David, why he seemed disappear, I’ll just proudly answer, “David is serving people, that’s why he’s pending his career for two years. Yeah, I’m sad, and it can’t be helped. But I feel more to happy than it, because I know David is following what his heart told him to, helping more people out there, making those big impacts that he’s already made in this world about love, peace, and of course, God. And why keep being sad when someone you love so much doing such a great thing? I’ll keep waiting, I guess, because we’re too strong to be down just because of it. We’ll be there, ArchAngel for DavidArchuleta2014.”

The author's comments:
You just need to know David yourself to simply falling in for him.

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