How i have been help my my country firefighers

March 3, 2012
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The way that I have been helped was when the firefighters come to my house because it burned down; it burned down on June 10, 2011. The way that I felt was sad because I knew that I lost most of my stuff. My mom and I would not think that something that bad would happen to us. We were depressed for the next few days. It felt like we lost a life of someone that was important to us. We lost a bunched of cloths, stuffed animals, and very expansive electronics, and furniture. We think that our Gas Company caused it because they were the last ones at the house.
My mom and I were going to the store to get some food. Then we got a call from a few people that we know, and my mom stopped in the middle of the road. She was talking to whoever was on the phone. When, we got to the house we brusted out crying, because it was that bad. So, now we live with my mom’s friend’s grandmother’s house. So, now we live day by day not knowing what will change our lives next.

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