The Fathers Who Have Stayed

February 20, 2012
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Growing up without a father can be often depressing for child in their youth, and especially their adolescent years. However, the real story is about those fathers who have stuck with their families. The father of the family is the glue to the entire household. Without him, difficult stages are often faced by the families without that glue.
One very popular phase for a teenager is to become rebellious and reject a lot of things. Going against your parents is one way to express your rebellious emotions and often the easiest. Through all that rage that the teenager contains, the father manages to find this way of talking to their children on a deep, persuading way in the end. These are the people that are unappreciated. The people who have fought on because they love their family. They are the heroes that help a wife and children sane. They are the soul. Being rebellious against these people from this perspective is disgusting. If you rebel, rebel against the things that are trying to drag you down, not save you from doing wrong.

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