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February 14, 2012
By teddie harvey BRONZE, Fort Dodge, Iowa
teddie harvey BRONZE, Fort Dodge, Iowa
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There are many people that have a made a great impact on my life. I am gonna tell you about the most significant person in my life. The person that has made the biggest impact on my life is my grandpa. My Grandpa on my moms side of the family whos name is Dick W. currently lives in Phoenix Arizona and comes back a couple times a year to watch us play sports and to visit us.

The reason why my Grandpa has made a huge impact on my life is because he is always making sure that I am doing the right thing and staying out of trouble the first thing he always ask me when I get home is how are my school grades. He also tells us some of his crazy stories that happened to him when he was younger and he also has this story that he always tells us even though we have heard it a million times before and he always says it the same way. When my grandpa lived in Iowa he was on the iowa state patrol so he has always been dedicated to making the community better and keeping people safe. When ever you drive with him he is always telling you what to do in a certain situation or what to do if this happens.

My grandpa always stresses working hard and that even if we don’t like what we are doing and that it is really hard to keep doing it and don’t give up because in the end it will all be worth it. Because of him saying that I think about that whenever I get stuck in a tough situation and that helps me get through it. He tells me when times get tough, get tougher which helps me get through it.

My Grandpa is a guy that will do anything for you even tho he is older and has more trouble getting around than we do he still will get anything for you or help you out with anything you need when he comes home he always ask if he can help us with our homework. Dick always cooks us a nice big meal and it is always ready when we get home from are practice or if we were doing something. He always volunteers to drive us to school or to practice even though we can drive ourselves he still asks if he can drive us.

Even though i only get to see my Grandpa a couple times a year i still think about him all the time and all the advice that he has given me and to always keep my head up because no matter how bad we think we have it someone else has it worse. My Grandpa is one guy that will do anything for you and that is why he will always be one of the most significant people in my life.

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