The people who mean the most

February 14, 2012
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I believe that people are the meanest to the people they love the most. From walks on the beach, to Broadway shows in the city, we always have fun. Yeah there might be long car rides, but we make the best out of it. From singing songs to the licenses plate game there is never a dull moment. Even when were not all together I can have fun with both of them alone. You might be wondering who I’m talking about. Well two of the two most important people in the world to me: my grandparent. Even though my Nana doesn’t like to shop she will always makes sure I have everything I need. With my Papa we always try something new, such as trying a new restaurant or making a town out of a Styrofoam board.
Walking passed the bathroom on a sunny, sticky, summer morning all I hear is the blow dryer and I know who’s in the bathroom, drying her highlighted dirty blonde hair into the same perfectly cropped look ever since I knew her. She puts on makeup every morning mostly lip stick. I tell her she doesn’t need it, she always says “what if I see someone I know.” But she is beautiful and doesn’t need makeup because there is nothing to hide. She is one of the most kind, caring, and pleasant people to be around. Yeah we have made each other cry but we have made each other laugh to, and that what’s important. I would never ask for anyone else to replace her, she’s my Nana.
Whenever I go to my grandparent’s house I always wonder what new adventure we have planed. Not many grandfathers will climb up a mountain to a cave, or drive hours just so there grandkid could go to a beach with bigger waves then the beach that they have right out side there back yard. You might think watching TV with your grandparents might be boring but my Papa always finds something interesting to us all to watch: Uconn games, Diners Drive-ins and Dives, or even shows on collecting toasters! I would never ask for anyone to replace him, He’s my papa.

The 14 years I have been alive we experienced the deaths of the people we love the most, and also some of the most fun times together. Threw the tears and giggles we always have each other. I would never trade anything for my grandparents

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