Lance Armstrong

February 2, 2012
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Lance Armstrong had a hard life with career, family and himself, but that did not matter to Lance Armstrong because he wanted to get to the top. Lance Armstrong was amazing athlete from a young age and he had a lot of courage. When he was sixteen he realized he was not just a good bike rider, but amazing runner and swimmer. At the age of twenty- five he qualified as one of the best cyclist in the world (Athletes For Hope). The same year Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with cancer that gave him only at forty percent chance of living. Then he went through intense chemo-therapy and a few months later he was cured (for the most part).Armstrong got back his strength and became a survivor of cancer and the winner of the Tour De France. Lance Armstrong is a hero because he is inspiring to others, shows courage to the young, and he always stays positive to believe in himself and to others.

Lance Armstrong shows courage to many people old and young. Armstrong is amazing in that he can make it through life still staying positive and full of courage .Lance over came cancer and won the Tour de France at the same time. He shows courage to many people who support him. In 1997 facing cancer and still working his career he had courage to keep going in life and not give up (NNDB). He has been through a lot and had a bumpy road, but Armstrong continues to stay courageous. As he said, “Winning is about heart, not just legs. It’s got to be in the right place” (Brainy Quote). Lance Armstrong knows when to push himself to the limit of pain and when not to, but having cancer did not stop him didn’t even make him trip along the bumpy path. Lance Armstrong is courageous and shows other people to be courageous and go do whatever they want to.

Lance Armstrong was a prodigy from a young age and he continues to be a prodigy. Lance Armstrong became one of the best cyclists in the world at the age of twenty-five, but then the cancer came and he became a cancer victim (Brainy Quote). Lance Armstrong was the fastest cyclist in the world at a young age and he is a great prodigy. Lance Armstrong started out as a regular triathlete, supporting the sports of cycling biking and swimming. He was good at swimming and running, but cycling put him at the top of the ladder. He soon began doing cycling competitions and was one of the best young cyclists at the race (Gutman, Bill. Lance Armstrong A Biography). Lance Armstrong started out small and became one of the best in the world then he became the best in the world. When Lance Armstrong was just sixteen years old he showed people that he was not just amazing at biking and cycling he was going to be the best world class bike racer (Gutman, Bill. Lance Armstrong A Biography).Armstrong is not just a prodigy but an inspirational bike rider who has a strong will power. Lance Armstrong shows young kids to be athletic and go as fast as they can to get to their goal and go live life to its fullest.

Lance Armstrong is inspiring he goes through pain without complaing and he continues to stay strong even though his life is rough. Lance Armstrong never gave up when he came to a bump in the road he found a way to climb over it and succeed in his life. After winning the Tour De France for the first time he was diagnosed with cancer. Then imagine being the best in the world and then having to throw it all away when being diagnosed with cancer well that is what happened to Lance Armstrong. “Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever (Brainy Quote).”Lance Armstrong’s quote says inspiration all throughout it and it is special to his supporters and fans. Lance Armstrong is inspiring to many people and is unique in every way.

Finally, a true hero is Lance Armstrong because he stays positive when things go wrong, is courageous in many ways, and is inspiring to himself and to others. Lance Armstrong inspires me to go out there and don’t worry about anything else, but what you’re reaching for. He continues to be athletic and inspired by his own story. Lance Armstrong is a hero because of how he looks at life in a unique way.

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