Athletes are Heroes too

January 22, 2012
By Anonymous

Imagine having fourteen gold medals and many world records to carry with you throughout life. This is exactly how my Michigan Hero Michael Phelps lives every day. I will always strive to be an amazing athlete as well as person just like him. Maybe you do not relate to him on an athletic level, but you still can on a personal level if you are a person who just wants to do well.

Although he was not born in Michigan, but instead lived in Michigan, Michael Phelps is still my real Michigan hero for many reasons. Even though he never saved anyone’s life or wore a cape, which is often the believed to be definition of a hero, he is my hero and always will be. The true definition of a hero is someone who is important to you and inspires you in many ways, someone you look up to or want to be like. For all these reasons and more Michael Phelps is my personal Michigan Hero.

Michael Phelps’s parents got divorced when he was about fourteen years old, but that didn’t stop him from continuing his swimming. My parents are also divorced but that doesn’t make me want to stop doing what I love because it never made Michael stop. He inspires me to keep going and dream big. For example, when I am really tired or having a hard day at swim practice I will just think of Michael and all of his accomplishments and feel better. He proves to me that nothing is ever out of my reach.

When Michael started to dream of becoming a champion he was sixteen years old. This inspires me because I also really love swimming and have these dreams too as I am approaching this age.

One of the main reasons he is my hero is not only his achievements, but because he is so driven. He always wants to win, and he will never give up while striving for his personal best. This quality helped him beat his own record by .15 seconds during the 2004 Athens Olympic Games as well as setting many world records.

During the summer games of 2004, Michael used his “go getter” personality to bring home eight medals, six of which are gold. Not only in the Olympics but also in competitions after, he was still setting world records. In the Beijing Olympics he would set himself apart by earning a gold medal in almost every event he competed in.

Michael has also written a book called No Limits: The Will to Succeed, which reflects his personality. He also co-founded a non-profit organization called Swim with the Stars. This program holds camps for swimmers of all ages. This inspires me to put forth an effort to help others pursue their dreams.

For these reasons I consider him a good person and someone who I want to be like. He has inspired me to be a stronger swimmer as well as person. The champion Michael Phelps is my Michigan hero.

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