January 20, 2012
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I hate the fact that my age is very far from my mother. Our age difference is almost 40 years. There is a major reason why I hate it…
I do love my mother. I love her so much. She is my greatest hero. It’s quite funny that my mom is always falling asleep when I tell her about my everyday life at school. Seeing that, I always get annoyed and wake her up so that she can hear the continuation of my story. However when she wakes up, she always decides to go back to her own room and continues to sleep.
Even though we are mother and daughter, our relationship is always like best-friends who share advices and stories. But she is totally irreplaceable. She forgives me for the bad things I have done. She entertains me when I am down. She supports me when I am in despair. She gives me amazing advice so that I can move on.
Thinking of how she will not be in my life for forever is really difficult and unbearable. Our age difference might cause the separation to be faster…
All I want to do in my life is to make her happy and proud. My dream is to be a successful, wealthy person, either by doing business or writings. And when I estimate when I reach my goal, probably my mother will be around 60 – 70 years old. I don’t want her to be old. I want her to feel, to taste, to enjoy my success. I want to travel together with her to the places where she wants to go, buy her stuff that she doesn’t want to buy, and make her enjoy her life; no stress and no heavy thoughts.
I am sure that this happens for all people who love their mothers. We are still young and reckless, thus we have to take care of each word that we are saying to our moms. They definitely love us, but she might love us in a different way than other moms love their children. They risk their lives for us and without them, we cannot see the world. Return their loves and make them proud. Share your success and happiness with them when you are older.
Keep in mind that parents will never, ever try to dissatisfy you. Even if they do, there is a huge reason they are hiding behind your back… To protect you.

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