Brother Bear

January 6, 2012
By Kelly Costello BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
Kelly Costello BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
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Brother Bear.
He's my inspiration, my role model, my best friend, and my brother. He is the biggest dork I've ever seen, eight teen years old and still collecting comic books. Eight teen years old and still watches movies he watched when he was five. He is without a doubt the funniest person I've ever met. when he's around, I never stop laughing. Even though he is always joking around and usually not serious, I know if I needed him he would be there.

The amount of respect I have for my brother is unreal. It started back when he was in high school, all his friends would go out, get hammered drunk, get high, and do things that just weren't right. But my brother stayed clean. He never touched it. I can only imagine how hard it would be for someone to see their friend go out and do that, and just sit back and watch. Being "straight edge" has it's complications of course. His "friends" would use him for rides home, but he was always willing as long as they'd get home safe. At a time he lost a girl to those horrid substances. She had to choose what she wanted more.. Stephen, or drugs. He was devastated, to see the girl he use to love damage her life like that. He watched the friends he knew since kindergarten, even our own cousin. Still to this day does he won't come near alcohol or drugs.

Beside the fact of him being straight edge, he also has many talents. He's been skateboarding since nine, I think. And he is still as dedicated to it as he was back then. Recently he has decided to teach me how to skate, and it means the world to me. It means the world to me that he would take the time to hang out with me, his thirteen year old sister. He built me my own ramp, just so it would be easier for me to learn, he also bout me a brand new skateboard. We are out skating almost everyday, and its not just the fact that he is teaching me to skate, its that we are just hanging out together.

Yet another one of his many talents is art. He is a genius when I comes to art. Painting, building, carving, and drawing, it is just unreal the things he can do. He has gotten so many awards for his drawings , most first place. He has painted church nurseries, painted props, recently he drew a small picture for a veterans day envelope that is being sent all over the place. Sometimes I get jealous of all the recognition he gets, but he deserves every single amount he gets.

So where is he now? Now he is going to college, has a night job, an awesome girlfriend, still straight edge, and still living at home. And thank God for that. I always say that I want him to move out so I can knock down the wall between our rooms so mine can be bigger, but truthfully. I don't know if I ever want to knock down that wall between us.

The author's comments:
My older borther inspired my to write this piece about him because he is such a great person and my rolemodel.

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