Red, White, and Blue

December 28, 2011
White stands for innocence a symbol all its own. New beginnings a chance to change, to surrender. Courage though its not white it feels pure to me. Red like all the blood shed. Young kids now buried in the ground. Innocence's stripped away replaced with hollowed eyes that stare into nothing but black darkness. Memory's that could bring even the strongest man to his knees. Old men with haunted past of the one they couldn't save. Medals sit on shelves just to collect dust. Grand-kids think they are just the best in the world. While the old men see nothing of honor not even close. Ghost of the forgotten wars though they can never be forgotten not even in death. Blue, tears love ones cried as they send their beloved soldiers away. Knowing some will not return and others that do will be changed forever. Stars represent the many different backgrounds each soldier comes from. That my friend is MY Representation of our beloved flag. One I hope to serve under and protect in the coming years.

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