Tebowing-Too Much

December 15, 2011
To get down on one knee and start praying even if everyone around you is doing something completely different.

In case you haven’t heard, Tebowing is the new and “cool” thing to do. Tebowing is just like the Michael Jordon or the Heisman poses, but guess what?????? Its bigger than both of them.
Why is Tebowing big?
I still have not found out the question for that. Just because Tim Tebow got down on one knee and started praying after he led a huge comeback win vs. the Dolphins everybody thinks that they can Tebow too. Well they shouldn’t Tebow because when Timothy Richard Tebows he just isn’t in his own pose, he actually is praying, something that most people when they Tebow don’t do.
Well on the other hand, people Tebow because he is Tim Tebow, all-star quarterback in college but now getting his shot in the NFL. But I still don’t think that he is good enough to have all this action.
So, I ask the question again, why is Tebowing so big?
But then again is the Tebowing thing getting out of hand?
Yes, fans have a whole cite on Tebowing and a local radio station in Denver, Colorado created a song on Tebowing. Also different people for celebrations Tebow. I am one whoTebows, YES me, I Tebowed before my basketball game. And everywhere I look I see Tebow this and Tebow that, everybody everywhere is Tebowing!!!!!!!
But why Tebow?
Hasn’t there been better quarterback in the league besides Tim?
Why didn’t people Elway when John Elway won 2 back to back super bowls or why didn’t people Brady when Tom Brady went 16-0?
But Tebow has only won a couple of games in the NFL and he already has some of the best fans in football just because this season he his 7-1 as a starter, give me a break the only parts of a game Tim can actually play in is after the 2 minute warning.
To get down on one knee and start praying even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.
Because the Mile Highs Tebowin.

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