The Rose

December 15, 2011
By Hueso BRONZE, Idyllwild, California
Hueso BRONZE, Idyllwild, California
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What is a father? A father teaches you discipline. A father sees you grow up and sees you develop into an adolescent. A father holds your hand and guides you in the right direction. A father appreciates your hard work and supports your decisions. A father sees you cry and smile. A father teaches you manners and values. A father cloths you, feeds you, and puts a roof on your head. A father supports your family in rough situations. A father has the responsibilities a women can't handle. In contrary, my father is more than a father to me.

My father is slender and average height, but my father isn't a man she is a women. She is all three, my mother, my father and my best friend. She has showed me that value of being a women, but not just any women: a mother. My mother has never given up on her children. She has worked as a maid, a housekeeper and she has even done man work. She has worked her lovely, tender hands and sweat till the last drop to give us a better future. My mother, Rosa, is described by her own name. She is a Rose, a beautiful, red Rose that never dries up and always stays strong. A Rose who doesn't want her children to see her thorns. Her fears and break downs. She is the hero of my life and will always remain in my heart.

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