"The Italian Stallion"

December 19, 2011
By MadHatter0201048 BRONZE, Palm Bay, Florida
MadHatter0201048 BRONZE, Palm Bay, Florida
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When one thinks of the word hero, a different image would probably crop up in each individuals head. Whether one visualizes his parents, role model, favorite athlete, or even a fictional hero, heroes all have the same qualities. They may walk with “an air,” that carries them above the rest, or maybe it’s their selflessness or their ability to beat the odds which earns them a place in our hearts. Though what a hero is to someone may vary from person to person, heroes will always be people we look up to. My hero may be a fictional one, but he inspires me to move along and never give up.

His nickname is “The Italian Stallion,” rooting from his Italian-American heritage. My hero is none other than Robert “Rocky” Balboa. Despite him being portrayed by Selvester Stallone in the numerous films, Rocky’s persona would be hard to follow if he was a real person. A rocky life in the slums of Philadelphia and nothing is going right in his life. For Rocky participates in club fights to earn little money which barely makes ends meet. Balboa’s goal is to live up to his idol, Rocky Marciano, an elite boxer.

Balboa receives a chance of achieving his goal when Apollo Creed decides he’ll fight a mystery fighter to take the place of injured Mac Lee Green. So Rocky gets back on his feet and trains his heart out every day in hope that his golden heart will make up for his lack of skill. This is why I admire the “Italian Stallion,” he may have no talent, brains, or tools for success, but he believes in himself and that’s a good hero in my eyes.

“I just want to go the distance,” said Rocky to his girlfriend about his fight with Creed. Balboa openly admits he probably can’t beat him toe-to-toe, but he’s going to try anyway. A hero is someone who overcomes the odds and that’s just what Rocky plans to do. The day of the fight, both men humiliate each other and Creed realizes Balboa can’t compete skill wise. However, Balboa pushes his foe to his limit despite Rocky having a broken nose. After a long grueling 15 rounds, Creed reigns victorious but Balboa is satisfied with proving he can hang with the best in the world.

“Life ain’t about hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward.” Balboa’s most inspiring quote in my eyes. A person who from being a nobody to proving to the world he’s no joke is a hero in my book. Not all heroes have a good background or talent for what they do. No, some have to pour their blood, sweat, and tears in what they believe in.

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