My Hero

December 15, 2011
By schwabe BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
schwabe BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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Don Schwabe, Senior, has extremely tremendous attributes. He grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and today, he lives in Boise, Idaho. Since moving to Idaho, he has spent lots of his time with me and the rest of my family and will continue for years to come. Regardless of how many years he has left to live, he will always find some time in store to spend with me. Don Schwabe, my hero, spends his valuable, precious time with me.

Although not very often, Don Schwabe flies to Pastry Perfection to retrieve a delightful cream bar that I devour into a million little pieces. Naturally, we attend this event on special occasions only. Escaping the wrath of grandma, we receive time to be the little boys inside of us and stuff those donuts down our throat. Also, nagging my grandpa to purchase a pastry when he does not want one creates a laughable argument.

Fumble! Watching football games stirs up another event that we do together. Tackling, fumbling, scoring, and kicking are all entertaining pieces of the puzzle that have us jumping out of our chairs. As long as the game contains a fierce fight, we place bets of a couple of dollars against each other knowing that our selected team’s going to win. Also, staying in the perfect television room and having an intensifying time, isolated from the rest of the house, we question anyone who disrupts the game.

Every summer, we transform into workhorses to earn money to escape the city and take our annual trip. Vanishing away on this trip allows more than enough time to bond with my grandpa. In addition, he easily teaches me stunning work ethics from working like a chugging choo choo train to earn money for the trip, and those ethics will stay with me for life. Then, we sidestep popular events on the trip and approach ideas that no other typical family can imagine.

Don Schwabe, hero; I can rely on him to have free time stored away just for me. Rushing to the pastry shop started a tradition that will stick with us for years to come. Then, football games on television will always view for us to enjoy. Also, our annual trip feeds us valuable time that opens a door for us to bond even more. My hero acts like no other!

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