December 8, 2011
If you think about it, what makes people a "hero"? Some would say "super powers", or some would take the religious turn and say "Jesus Christ". From my point-of-view, I believe that everyone is a hero. You are probably looking at me crazy right now but let me get my point across.

I believe in everyone being a hero simply for the fact that everyone has the potential to, not nessecarily save lives, but in other ways to. Even a bully is a hero in some cases. If the bully picks on you constantly, and if you are in the right state of mind, you actually grow stronger and more independent untill eventually you have the capability to stop him/her. I would like to think that everyone in my life is my hero because everyone that I have met has, in some way, influenced the way I act and the who I am. I am a thoughtful, nice young man with good morale standards.

The ones I treasure most, of course, is my family and friends. I was blessed by God for him to give me such an awesome family so that I won't be like the people in the world and so I will be seperate from the world and be myself. Please reply and tell me who you think your hero might be.

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