My Never-ending Hero

November 28, 2011
By crazymonkey45 BRONZE, Grand Junction, Michigan
crazymonkey45 BRONZE, Grand Junction, Michigan
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A hero is someone who has been there for you all your life and really means something to you.
My hero is my mom. She is the reason I am here today, and I have been thankful that she is here. My mom survived a closed head-injury. It is a good thing that my mom is here today. I’m very grateful. My mom was thirteen years old when she had her closed-head injury. It was July 2, 1990. She was in a coma for one month. She also had to relearn how to tie her shoes, crawl, walk, talk, dress, and even go back to school.
My mom was there for me when I had to have my blood drawn. A lesson that I learned was not to ride in the back of a pickup truck because you have a possibility of flying out and dying.
My mom is my hero because she has been there for me all my life, even when I needed her most. I would just like to say thank you, Mom. You should always love your mom because you never know when she is going to die. That is why she is my hero.

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