My Greatest Influence

November 16, 2011
By tassy SILVER, Niles, Michigan
tassy SILVER, Niles, Michigan
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Many people have influenced and inspired me in my short life. From my seventh grade English teacher, to famous authors, to historic figures and brilliant inventors; countless people have played a significant role in my life. Yet, the achievements of these great men and women pale in comparison to my greatest influence; my father. Though both my parents are very supportive and caring, my father has been the greatest influence on my life. If not for his hard work, support, and friendship, I would not be on the path to greatest on which I am on now.
Growing up my father did not enjoy the luxuries he provides for my sisters and I. As the youngest of ten children in a single parent home my father often had to go without my things. My father never had new cloths or shoes, a reliable car, or even food at times. Every day of his life, my father has toiled for his family. He has worked as a mechanic, a truck driver, a garbage man, and a variety of other difficult and stressful jobs in order to provide for us. If it wasn’t for my father’s hard work I would not be able to focus on school as I have been able to, and my grades and education would have suffered as a result.
Middle school was extremely difficult for me. There was not a moment in school when I was not being bullied, threatened, mocked, ridiculed, harassed, made-fun-of, or harmed in any way shape or form. I have always been out-of-place in school, never really able to conform to the main steam or pop culture, and not afraid to voice my opinion. To middle schoolers, people like me are considered inhuman, monstrosities, whose imaginations and sprits must be burned at the stake by words. I doubt I would have survived middle school without my dad. Every time I came home crying, feeling like nothing but a punching bag, my father always knew exactly what to say to make me smile again. He helped me realize my potential, and that my “weirdness” was a gift, not a curse. I would likely have given up in middle school if it wasn’t for my father.
When my best friend for three years simply said we weren’t friends anymore and left, I was crushed. I had always had a very small circle of friends whom I’m very close too. For one of them to just throw me out like trash was very painful. It was though my father’s advice and comfort that I realized she wasn’t that great of a friend to begin with. It was then I realized that I didn’t need to settle when it came to fitting in, because my dad would always be my best friend. No matter what I can talk to him, seek advice, or even gossip. And my father will never betray me.
My father has been a great influence on my life for many reasons. If it wasn’t for his hard work, support, and friendship, I would not be where I am in life, academics, and morality, if not for him. Through all his actions, my father has taught me what it means to be responsible as well. To provide for your family, try your hardest every day in whatever you do, and be honest. My father has taught me the worth of a good start in life, and of receiving my education. My dad has done everything within his power to make sure I will succeed in life, and I am blessed to have a father as wonderful as him.

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