November 7, 2011
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I’ve never taken the chance. I’ve never tried to let you in. I walk down the hall and unconsciously turn my nose up. I look at your torn t-shirts and I see you wash the tables. But that doesn’t give me the right; that doesn’t give me the right to think anything. I don’t have the right to judge you in any way.
I’ve never really thought of you, never even taken the time. I just ignored you and considered you one more human being walking the earth. You were nothing of my concern, just a thing, a non-entity. But you deserve more than that, because you are alive and you have a complex history I know nothing about, not better or worse than my own.
I saw you there, your blunt generosity. You didn’t care how I treated you. You didn’t care what I thought of you. You were nice no matter what. You stepped over the barrier and took every task given, you even offered. You didn’t complain, you didn’t back out. You just did it with no other gain in mind.
I admired you. I admired how you stepped into a situation with only altruistic thoughts in mind. Why am I not like that? I complained, I didn’t contribute, I was worried about my own well-being; I wasn’t being the best I could be, but you were. You humbled me.
I know hardly anything about you. You are still just another person walking that hallway, but next time I see you I won’t judge you. I won’t think badly of you. You are a superhero in your own way. You are the one who deserves more than you get for you put others in front of yourself. You really do follow your heart. You really do put yourself out there.
Next time when I walk down that hall, I will see you. I will take the chance to say hi, to maybe get to know you better. You are a superhero in your own way. You are an amazing person that I just have to take the time and a chance to get to know better. I want you to know that I respect and appreciate you.

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