Do You Guys...Know?

October 17, 2011
By Anonymous

“What’s the matter?” I had asked Raquel today. Her eyes looked sad and she wasn’t talking much. “Oh, it’s nothing.” She answered. But it was clearly something. I decided to let her be and I continued to eat my lunch. Still, Raquel was definitely upset and I didn’t like seeing my friend sad. “Are you sure you’re alright?” I asked once again. “It’s just that Kate’s two faced.” She was correct. Kate did tend to back stab all of her close friends from what I had seen in the past. “What did she do?” Lizzie chimed in. so Raquel started off explaining with a rather broad and unclear question. “Do you guys…know?” The rest of us exchanged confused looks. “Know what?” Valerie asked. “Know about…me?” Raquel’s attempt to clarify what she was saying only half succeeded. “I know! You’re pregnant!” Amanda joked. “Yes Amanda. That’s it. I’m pregnant.” She joked back rubbing her tummy. “Wait really?” Lizzie asked sincerely. “No!” we all exclaimed at once. Then something popped into my mind and I think I knew what Raquel was trying to tell us but I didn’t want to say in case I was incorrect. Then it looked as though Aleena had caught on as well. “Oh…” she began shyly. “I think I know.” “I think I do too but I’m not sure.” I admitted. Valerie said she thought she knew too but none of us had the courage to say what we were thinking. “Aleena what do you think? Whisper it to me though!” Raquel insisted. Aleena sighed. She then bent over and whispered to Raquel but I was unable to hear what she said. However, whatever Aleena had guessed, it was on the nose. So I decided to have some guts and guess next. I put my hand around her ear and whispered inside it. “Are you…gay?” and it turned out, she was. I told Valerie and Lizzie quietly because Raquel didn’t want Amanda, who was sitting right there, knowing. Amanda can’t keep a secret to save her life. Even though Amanda already told me a few days ago she suspected this. I wasn’t too shocked that she was bisexual. After all, she had joined the Gay Straight Alliance club and she was always a bit of a tomboy. The rest of us were totally okay with Raquel’s confession. I personally admire her for being so brave to “come out of the closet”. I certainly don’t know if I would be able to admit something like that. Especially when you’re only in the 9th grade and all your friends are still immature. Raquel really inspired me that whenever you have some kind of secret you feel embarrassed about, you should always tell somebody because often, it’s never as bad as it seems.

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