For the King of Pop

October 6, 2011
He's not dead... I know he's not dead. I don't think he's dead. I refuse to believe he's dead. I heard he's dead. But I know he's not. There's rumors he is. But he's not. It says so all over the news and magazines, but they're lies. There are commemorations talking about his life. But why? He's not dead. Tomorrow he will be buried. And there's going to be a memorial. But I know he's not dead. I'm not in denial.
It's the truth. I know it is. The people have cried for passing away. When he is indeed alive. I feel warm tears strolling down from my eyes down to my cheeks. Then falling down to the floor. Wetting my shirt. My shoes. Down my neck. On my pants. My hearts start to race. It starts to hurt. I start to shake. I realize the truth. he's dead. I hear his songs. I watch his videos. He seemed alive. but he's not. I glance up once again.
A picture of him. Up ahead. I fall to my knees. My arms feel numb. No way this is true. Why did it take me so long. So long for it to sink in. For a while I thought he was living. But now I realize. I realize that he's dead. It's hard to think.
That he's no longer with us. I never even got to meet him. To scream out his name while he played his songs. To tell him how much he inspired me. To tell him that I believed him. And I believed in him. He's resting now. No rumors to hurt him. No haters to hate him. He was too young. To pass away. I thought he'd live. Until this day. How did it happen. It shouldn't have happened. He had his whole life ahead of him. Three kids. Fans. His music career. To be loved. I can't stop crying. As I think. How stupid I was. To think he was living. Though he is not.
It is A fact. The King of Pop is dead. The man who changed the world. Who changed music. The first black with a music video on MTV. First to change from black to white. A man who cared about children and the environment. Who touched the hearts of many generations. The target of many tabloids. A man deprived of his childhood. A man hated by many. But loved by many more. Loved By every continent. Loved by the entire Earth.
Michael Joseph Jackson. A legend. An irreplaceable man. A sensation. A man with an amazing voice. And amazing dance steps. He will never be forgotten. His music will live on forever in our hearts. He's not present in the flesh. But he's still dancing. Singing and dancing. In heaven. To God. Next to us. In front of us. All around us. Whenever you think of him. When you're having trouble. Feeling down.
He will come down. We won't know it. He'll hold us tight. By doing that. Our hearts will race. They will soften. Our days will brighten. We won't know the reason why. But it'll be because of his embrace. He'll be there for his family. For children. For animals. They will come first. But he will help all. When It's my time to go. I want to be buried. With a pencil and paper. I want to see him. And ask him for his autograph.
May the King of Pop rest in peace and harmony. Michael Joseph Jackson. Never forgotten. Always loved.

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