My Idol, My Hero

September 29, 2011
“You can’t please everyone and trying to do so is the kiss of death.” Criss Angel reminds himself of this everyday when he comes across a Criss Angel: Mindfreak hater. He doesn’t try to please everyone, and neither should we. He lets people have their own opinion if they are respectful about it. This all adds to the fact that he will forever and always be my idol.

Criss Angel was born Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos on December 19, 1967 which makes him 43. He is a magician, illusionist, song writer, hypnotist, actor, stunt performer, musician, and escapologist. I especially love his song I Am The Mindfreak which he wrote himself. His hair is pitch black and shoulder length. I believe it’s layered. (I love guys with long hair.) His skin looks tanned but it’s probably just that way naturally. He has abs which means he is in great shape.

I knew I’d love Criss Angel forever when I watched his show, Mindfreak, for the first time. I love him, his show, his looks, his personality, everything. I can’t exactly explain why but I’ll try. Here is a quote I love…”…really believe in yourself, and that no matter what anyone says to you, and you really have a dream and the passion – go for it! If you’re willing to go through the rigors to get it, it will happen. It may not happen in your time frame, but it will happen. I’m living proof of that. I was once on the other end of the spectrum and now I’m living my dream. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” He’s saying never give up, be the best that you can be, and fight through the obstacles because whatever our goals are, they are definitely worth fighting for. Never give up and never give in. I know a lot of people say that but look at Criss. He came from high school to famous worldwide in a couple decades. His dream came true, so yours can too if you want it bad enough.

Criss inspires me to go after what I want. He inspires me to be me in so many ways. For example, I would be practicing to be a lawyer right now if I didn’t go after my dream. My dream is to someday own a restaurant that is very successful. I get told all the time that I will fail but it doesn’t bother me. I am not trying to please everyone, like Criss said.

Criss Angel is a lot of people’s idols including mine. He lets me be me in so many ways. It’s hard to explain how much I love him and why. I’m not trying to please everyone. So many reasons come into the fact that he will forever and always be my idol (and have my heart).

“When you think like a child your imagination is set free and anything is possible.” – Criss Angel, MindFreak

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