My Heroes

August 15, 2011
By worldchanger BRONZE, Marianna, Florida
worldchanger BRONZE, Marianna, Florida
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Its not about black and white because we are human i hope we see the light before its ruined

Who are my heroes they’re rappers
Why you ask do I look up to the people you see as idiots
You see to me they’re street scholars the modern poets
Maybe they have egos and wave guns and drugs
But that’s just what you see on top
It’s the underneath beauty of Tupac talking social issues
Its Kanye’s soul coming out of his verse admitting his mistakes
Its Eminem being the dude all us nerds and losers feel we can relate to
It’s Jay-z and the witty wordplay bringing you from haystacks to Maybachs
Its Lupe fiasco using utterly mind-blowing vocabulary to fit his metaphoric meanings
Its new artists like J.Cole and XV giving you something new to fall in love with
You see to me rap is the best friend you can tell all your problems
And he responds back to tell you’re not isolated and all alone
Your brilliant and that nothing can stop you
Who embrace the riches but don’t forget the hardship they all faced
They’re remarkably different from any past writers in society
But isn’t that more reason to love them

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