John Kennedy: An American Man

July 29, 2011
John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the 35th president of the United States, and the youngest man to ever be elected president. Kennedy also won by the most narrow vote margin ever in US history (49.5% voted Nixon, 49.7% Kennedy). Kennedy was elected in a time of troubles for American families, and like many other people trying to inspire change, his life was cut short by those who disagreed with the change he knew could help the struggling people of the 1960’s.

John F. Kennedy was charismatic, energetic, funny, and handsome. He used these things to his advantage to win over the American people. One thing he didn’t have to his advantage was an inspirational childhood story. His competitor, Richard Nixon, grew up in a somewhat ‘broken home’ and he could touch the hearts of many Americans and win them over simply by telling his life story. Kennedy on the other hand, grew up in a rich and political family, and had no ‘inspirational story’ to his advantage. Kennedy had many things that are not displayed by many politicians, a wit, sense of humor, and a youthful eagerness that allowed him to do more in his just over 1,000 days in office than most do in their whole four years.

Kennedy started a lot of great things and set the U.S. on track for a great come back after a time of hurting. He dealt with the Cuban Missile Crisis in an effective way, started the Peace Corps, welcomed photography into the everyday life of the white house, and was even the first to propose sending humans into space. Kennedy battled a Catholic prejudice, and overall, put a youthful spark back into the eye of a young nation.

Kennedys speeches showed just how much he loved our country and how he enjoyed being its leader. He spoke with such passion and confidence that anyone who listened could be immediately inspired to change the world. Kennedy knew just what to say to comfort the American people during times of worry, and how to encourage them to back him on even what seemed like the crazies of ideas.
John F. Kennedy is my hero because of all of the above. He knew what the United States was about, and he was truly an American. He was funny, youthful, charming, and handsome. He was able to ‘stay cool’ under pressure, and I really admire him for his ability to lead.

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