a daddy's love

July 12, 2011
By Anonymous

there is nothing strong in this world than daddy's love. he i the one who picks you up when you fall and tells you to keep going. many people have less time with their father than with their mother. this makes the love even stronger. daddy is the person that you can crawl up with and talk to without almost any judgement what so ever. he's the person who in my life almost never yells just gives disappointment that's even worse. he has so much influence in your life than you can ever imagine. the things he tells you when you are little you shake off then until you realize that he is right. he tells you to get up and try again when you fall off your bike learning and then years later you learn that no matter what kicks you down in life you should keep going. he's the one who if your angry at he knows that you always love him and he waits for you to forgive even if it's not his fault. he's the one that most of the time sees the guy or girl your with and knows whether or not that person is good for you. in the south dads are a guy's best man in their wedding and all over he's the one who walks his little girl down the aisle to be married if possible. a daddy's love can never be replaced and it brings you joys and sorrows all through out your life.

The author's comments:
me and my daddy have a very good relationship even though i'm a teenager. I love you daddy!!

'Good morning. good morning. good morning to you'

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