The Darkest Days

June 9, 2011
May 8, 1945 marks the end to the darkest days in history. The Reichstag falls along with Germany’s people just like every soldier crashing against the ground at the face of defeat. What used to be a peaceful life is now turned it a devastating nightmare for everyone around the world. The world will never recover from this deep wound that has been inflicted upon us.
Blood, sorrow, death have been spilled over every city in Europe, Blood that can never be replaced for the men who risked their lives to protect their homeland but never succeeded in the end. Country’s that deceived people are now filled with great sorrow and will never recover from it. Death shows no mercy for the men and women that fought for their lives, that fought for their country, and that fought for freedom. All through the fields there is nothing but scorched earth as far as the eye can see, burning through the lives of many people destroying everything that stands near it.
Through the eyes of soldiers who were living this nightmare, are to be remember for generations. The wounds they sustained to ensure our freedom is nothing to forget about. These soldiers fought a war that was never supposed fought and paid the ultimate price … their life. These soldiers were never trained for this kind of combat; they never expected this kind of warfare. The things they faced can never be imagined to the normal human mind. They didn’t know what to expect from all this and some of them never believed that this kind of war was possible.
From England to the tip of Africa, war smeared itself all over the land because of one mans desires to have its own world, the rest of us had to suffer his desire to have his own kind and his own people just questions people all over the world when they try to think about it. The big man himself even had help from other countries to support his questionable cause. He tried to and almost succeeded but in the end we won’t let that happen and we fought at all costs to stop him and finally won in the end.
This war will never be forgotten and will always be a giant part of our history and we how face war today. This war has changed the world completely and it will never be the same. Many lives have been lost and many families have been torn apart just to insure victory over Germany.

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