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Caring Kim

June 3, 2011
By virgo93 BRONZE, East Bethany, New York
virgo93 BRONZE, East Bethany, New York
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I am the type of person who lives to help others. I've come to the realization that everytime I helped someone, it meant that what ever needed to be healed inside of myself, which everybody has something, it meant there was hope, and possibility that one day, I too would heal. That healing process started when I met an extremely close friend of mine, Kim. She helped me realize I need to leave the past in the past, move on with my life, and be happy. I lost all hope before I met her. Thanks to her, I have become a happier person, and think more positive. That's because she cares about me, and has been there for me everytime I needed her. I honestly dont know where I'd be if I didnt meet her. Thank you so much Kim. You are my best friend and I love you to death!

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