My Hero

May 31, 2011
By , Oil City, PA
I can still remember that scorching hot day that I found out. It was towards the beginning of summer I thought “hey nothing can bring me down now” Or at least that is what I thought. But I did not expect what was coming next. My mom was out on our stone patio. The birds were singing their love song it was such a beautiful day. The look on her face was odd. She did not look her usual self. The lines on her face were sagging and in that moment I knew something was wrong. “Lex” she said in a discouraging tone of voice. She told me that the doctor called. She had to go back again. She went just a month earlier and they called and wanted her to come back. They saw something unusual on the mammogram. All the medical assistants and doctors said that it is mostly likely nothing to worry about, that most of the time when they see that it is just calcium deposits. But I could tell that she knew it was something more. Her intuition told her and I could tell that just by the look on her face.

So my mom went back to the doctor, they told her it will be about a month before the results would come back. That one little month that usually they fly be, seemed like an eternity. I felt like a young child waiting for something really big. But only I was not excited, I was very nervous. Then finally they came, and at that moment everything stopped. My mom started to cry. I tried so hard to hold it in but I could not. So we sat there together crying. All of a sudden she turned to me, eyes all puffy with tears. She looked me in the eye and said everything will be ok. She looked so convincing, and I believed her. She was so strong about it. The whole entire time, even when they kept telling her that the radiation would last just a little longer. First it was just three months that she had to do the radiation. Then they would tell her they were adding just a few more weeks onto her treatment. In the end it was about nine months but even through all that she still stayed strong. I can remember how every day she was so itchy and sun burnt from it. Then finally the cancer was gone, but the struggle was not over yet.

She is still being strong. Now that the cancer is gone she has to take a pill everyday for the pretty much the rest of her life. It helps to make it a better chance that the cancer will never come back. Some people when they hear this think “oh it’s just a little pill you have to be bothered with to take every day. What is so hard about that?” But it is not very good. The pill is some kind of hormone so when she takes it then all of her hormones get unruly. She gets all kinds of different emotions. One day she wants to cry all the time, then the next she wants to freak out and break something. But even through all of that she still manages to be a very loving and caring mother.

I would be lost without her. She is my world. She is not just a mother to me. She is also a very good friend. I can go to her with any problem I have and I can trust her. She is also like my very own fashion consultant. She is my hero. I am very thankful that she is ok and I have her with me today. I only with that someday I can be as strong as she is. I hope that I make her very proud to be her daughter, because I am very proud that she is my mom.

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