Mr. Geary is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to This Planet

May 30, 2011

Mr. Geary has been one of the many teachers who I have had the pleasure of meeting their acquaintance. Although, Mr. Geary would follow more under the category of friends, Mr. Geary is a very lively person who has touched many of our young souls and changes our lives permanently. He is a gentle person with a loving wife and two girls of his own. When he is not spending time with his family or teaching school at work, he enjoys the quiet get away of working in his studio as a well known and very well talented artist. Mr. Geary is often referred to as a prodigy, or a gift for our delight, and sometimes he is even referred to as the greatest artist who has ever (and ever will) lived.

Mr. Geary’s life started out as a young boy with a dream, and the passion to achieve that dream. Early in his life he discovered the pure joy of art, he would think about what to draw next all day and when he was asleep, he dreamed that he was somehow perched on the edge of a cliff with a beautiful waterfall expelling its gallons and gallons water to the base that seemed it was never going to appear due to its magnificent height; and as he is on top of this cliff he is sketching this most gorgeous river, falling into what seemed to be oblivion.

In sixth grade Mr. Geary was forced to move with his family to Europe because his father was stationed there for the war. These times were tough for Mr. Geary; his father was fighting for his life every day, his mother had to live without a husband for the time being, and money definitely did not come easily. It was in Europe that Mr. Geary found the true artist within him; it was mostly because of one day in Germany when he went to a museum and saw the most beautiful piece of art. With this sight Mr. Geary set out to be what he knew he could be the greatest artist to ever pick up a pencil. He started by drawing landscape, usually rocky mountains, or green bushy trees. He had a certain technique that allowed him to draw a masterpiece within half the time it would take for any other artist to draw, and his were still better.

As Mr. Geary grew up and lived through the prime of his life he soon realized that he will have to pass on his special technique to the young, so that the world may forever enjoy the art of being a great artist. He began teaching; at first he taught drawing and ceramics, even though ceramics wasn’t really his strong suit. He taught with grace, and the words of the one whom without, the world would not spin the right direction. Mr. Geary has been around the world and back, and when he came back, he brought great things to us. We have Mr. Geary to thank for the love of art at this school, for the respect of other artists, and the ability to know whether or not a piece of art is actually worth our time.

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