Officer Gober

May 20, 2011
By Anonymous

To risk your life for a fellow officer is one of the bravest actions any cop can take. Though to deliberately put yourself in the path of deadly danger to save a partner, well, that's what separates the truly best cops. Officer Kerry Gober and his partner, Officer Adrianna Aguileta, or "Aggie" as her friends call her, were helping Fort Worth Police chase down a murdering kidnapper driving a large SUV. Officer Gober and Officer Aguileta was right behind. Suddenly, what had been a slow speed chase, turned into a high speed death trap. Without warning the perp spun his giant vehicle 180 degrees and began speeding toward the cars in which sat Officers Gober and Aguileta. With only two seconds before a deadly crash, Officer Gober had three choices: 1)do nothing and take the full impact which would have killed him instantly, 2) swerve right and avoid the SUV, leaving Officer Aguileta's car to take the hit, or 3) swerve left to shield his partner and take a serious and life-threatening crash on the back of his cruiser. Gober swerved left. The crash was stunning. The impact crushed Gober's elbow, smashed his knee, and left him with a concussion and multiple internal injuries, including a clot in his lung. Yet, despite his injuries and searing pain, as he was pulled from the wreck, he asked just one question: "Is Aggie okay?" Thankfully, Aggie was fine, and Gober is healing, and the perp? Well his SUV flipped and burst into flames. He was rescued, but it'll be a long time before he sees the light of day, thanks to Officer Kerry Gober.

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