My Mom

May 19, 2011
By marc11 BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
marc11 BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
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She has a short and tiny stature, and long brown hair always in a rush, never resting until it is time for sleep. My mom really does a lot for me in my life. She is always doing something, as if just the smallest amount of rest would make the world explode.
My mom really has made my life what it is, from pushing me to make good grades, to doing almost everything she can to make my life easier. She never fails. When I was younger I would always complain about having to do any little chore around the house and then taking hours to do something like make my bed. At the same time she is working from eight to five then coming home to make dinner and do things around the house. She does not have much time to rest. My mom has truly made me into what I am, from spelling my spelling words to her to see if I am correct to making me study to make good grades. My grades are the way they are in large part because of my mom. When pursuing to do anything, everyone could always use that little push which is where my mom always comes in. As a child I hated to read. When my teachers began to give me reading assignments, I dreaded them. My mother taught me that reading is a subject that I will always need to have and that I will never stop using. This opened up my eyes and I now enjoy reading and am a very strong reader.
Responsibility is a big key in my household. She now no longer has to make sure I do the things that she has asked because she has taught me it is always easier to just do it. I have to do everything my teachers ask, if I get a zero, I will be in trouble with my mom. She has also taught me respect, from saying please and thank you and putting away my dishes at the dinner table. Respect is a big deal to my mom, and I try to portray her teachings in everything I do no matter the circumstances.

Hard work is another trait my mother has instilled in me. It is hard to not be hardworking when I see how much she does day- to- day. Making me get a job was one of the best things she could have ever done. Working taught me a lot of things and how to communicate with other people. My mom’s pushing me to work has taught me nothing comes easily and has made me truly appreciate what it means to earn money. These traits that I have inherited in living in the same household as my mom have proven to really shape me into what I am and wish to become. They have better prepared me to embrace my future and become a successful citizen.

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