Mr. Nesta

May 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Jamaican reggae singer and guitar player Bob Marley was born Nesta Robert Marley on February 6, 1945. He was a huge influence on the social issues of his homeland as well as many other countries. Unfortunately this amazing man is no longer alive due to his struggle with melanoma that took his life away in 1981, but if I had been old enough and gotten the chance to meet this very influential individual I would have some questions for him and would have loved to talk to him.

Bob Marley is a big role model in my life because he sang about loving your fellow man no matter what he looks like or how he talks. He believed that he could cure the world of hatred and racism by injecting it with love and music. His philosophy has inspired me to not judge people based on their appearance and to love everyone no matter what they say or do.

Being an African-American in the southern states has its challenges with racism from time to time and sure I get mad when it happens but ever since I started listening to Bob Marley I have learned to let my anger go and keep on living my life and not worry about what others say or do because everything’s gonna be alright if you live a good life and just learn to love.

I remember one time in particular I was sitting on the school bus with one of my friends when another kid made a racist remark towards me. Normally I would have gotten up and shown him not to mess with me but a Bob Marley song was playing on my ipod so I just let it go and said to him that it’s okay if you hate me or say anything hurtful to me because I’m just gonna keep on loving you as my fellow man. After that day I never had any more problems from him or his friends and I avoided a fight that would have gotten me into trouble.

Most people when they think of Bob Marley they think of his substance abuse. Granted that he did use illegal substances I think he stands for more than that. When I think of Bob Marley I think of a man who stood up for what’s right and instead of using violence, he used music and his words to express his thought and emotions.

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