My Heroes

May 6, 2011
By Carrie Adams BRONZE, Sumas, Washington
Carrie Adams BRONZE, Sumas, Washington
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A hero in my eyes is someone who has experienced a lot of situations that has helped a person overcome a lot of difficult things in their life. Everybody has different definitions of what “hero” means. The actual definition of “hero” is a person who, in the opinion of others has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model. I have two people who are heroes in my eyes, my sister Brenda Lee and my dad Dave. These are two people in my life that have been through very hard situations in their lives.

My sister Brenda and I are exactly twenty years and one day apart. We have always been really close sisters. In fact, she was the first one to hold me, when I was born. She is a hero in my eyes because she has had overcame a lot of difficult situations, regarding drugs. My sister was addictive to drugs, bad, ever since she was thirteen years old. When she was fourteen, she had a near death experience. She overdosed on some type of drug and lost conscious for five minutes. Luckily, her dad managed to resuscitate her. She changed her whole life when her son Andrei was born back in 2001. After he was born, she went to drug rehab and got clean. My sister moved to Missouri with her son Andrei and her husband Oleg. They decided to move to Missouri to get away from the bad drug problems up here. She has been clean for ten years now and has been attending different colleges to get her degree to be a drug counselor. Brenda wants to help other people who are abusing drugs to try to make their life completely better. Just like how she completely changed her life. That is why my sister Brenda is one of my heroes.
My second hero is my dad Dave. He is one tough cookie and even though he is struggling with his health, he volunteers his time to help others. My dad is involved with many community clubs; Sumas American Legion, Sumas Youth Center, Sumas Lions Club, North County Christ the King Church and he are a Sumas Volunteer firefighter. He also was very involved with Sumas Elementary when I was in Elementary school. But through all these wonderful things he has volunteered his time for; he has had and still to this day has health problems. Like he had spinal surgery and had to learn how to walk again. He had his kidney taken out. When I was in fifth grade, my dad got Prostate cancer. Then freshman year, we almost lost him because his heart was failing. So he had to get heart surgery. Last year, he almost died because he had lost over half the blood in his body. Over the years, his health problems have seemed to be getting worse and worse. But even with all those health problems, and almost loosing his life, he manages to find time to help others. So because of all those things, that is why my dad is my hero. He’s showing that even if you’re struggling or have problems that you just got to be strong through it all and keep your mind off it by helping others.

The author's comments:
My sister and my dad are really special to me. I am very close with both of them and they both have through so much in their lifes.

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