May 2, 2011
By Anonymous

My heroes in my life are my mom and dad, my grandparents, Dana, Nate Robinson, and my two sisters. My mom and dad are my heroes because they help me through life. They support me with food, clothes, and a shelter. They cheer m on at my sports games, and they help me with anything I need. I love them. They are kind, loving, and caring. My grandparents are heroes because they love me and take good care of me. My grandma gives me a lot of food and my grandpa always makes me laugh. They are so funny and the best. They too are caring, loving, and kind. Dana’s my best friend, she moved to California over the summer. When she was here she helped me through everything and without her I wouldn’t have made it through 8th grade. Even when she’s in California she still helps me and cares for me. She’s awesome, caring, my best friend and kind. Nate Robinson is my hero because he’s not the tallest but he’s in the NBA at 5’9. He won the slam dunk competition 3 times. I look up to him because I play basketball. He’s really good. My sisters are my heroes because they help me with homework and other things in my life. We may fight sometimes but I love them. Those are just a few of my heroes.

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