Magician Boy

April 19, 2011
He has that kind of smile that makes me smile back, without thinking twice. He knows everything I’m thinking before I say it. He knows exactly when to leave me alone and exactly when to hold me closer. He’s like a magician. So many tricks, but I have absolutely no idea how he does it. Disappears like the sun at night, so sneaky, and before I know it, he’s gone.

But the sun always rises in the morning. He always raises me up in the morning. Close all night, keeping me warm like my own personal blanket. He would never leave me. His arms are so comforting and eyes are happy to see mine in the morning. Perfect, persistent, paralyzing; he’s like a drug but so much better. Then before I knew it, he was gone for good.

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skyler_anne said...
May 9, 2011 at 8:11 pm
Wow! This was amazing. You did really good with all of the different emotions that this boy made you feel. Keep up the good work! Check out my stuff?
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