be safe, love

April 7, 2011
she felt the sting on her cheek from the cold wind, and she knew she should close the window, but feeling the cold made her smile. it reminded her of how warm his hand had felt against her cheek every time he kissed her. a tear rolled down her cheek and stung in the cold, she smiled though, thinking of his face. she wished she didn't have to say good-bye, to watch him go, see the plane fly and take him overseas. she pulled over and felt the wind fade from her cheek, like his hand had. she closed her eyes, grasped her hands and prayed, prayed for him to come home safely, prayed for their little girl sleeping in the back seat. she prayed everything would be okay, just like he promised it would be. he was praying too. in his plane, next to all the other husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters, all praying and missing their loved ones already. be safe out there...

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