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March 18, 2011
By BeatlesForLife BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
BeatlesForLife BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
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You knew what you had.. you just never thought anything of it until it was gone.

I am a Bieleber. Yes, that means that I believe in the annoying, love him or hate him Justin Bieber. Say what you will about him, but I’m pretty sure this is going to stir up quite a bit of controversy.

Justin Bieber taught me to be my own person. I’m not the type of girl you’d point at and say, “OMG, she has total Bieber Fever.” I’m what some would stereotype as punk or emo. I’m very to myself and don’t like most people. But to be honest, even us “weird” people love Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber taught me confidence. I can now blast his music (along with other bands) as loud has I can and dance around my room or even in my classes. (Sometimes I even pretend I’m at a concert.) Did I mention I’m a 15-year-old girl who has never been to a concert?

Justin Bieber taught me about commitment and not to care what anyone thinks. If you think he’s gay then that’s fine by me. To me and many other people, he is an idol. A lot of people don’t like him only because so many people do. Because he is committed to his singing career, he doesn’t care whether people like him or not. He’s about his music. I’m on marching band so I know about commitment. Being on colorguard has its ups and downs so I had to learn how to deal with all the teasing from cheerleaders and other people who don’t know what they were talking about.

Justin Bieber taught me about responsibility and loyalty. He doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol. He isn’t partying until 5 am. He isn’t dating a different person every other week. I never wanted to try alcohol and the only parties I’ve been to are, well, we played Candyland and had cake. I go to school and come home on the bus. I do homework and then I watch my siblings until 8 at night. And then I go to bed. I don’t sneak out and I am loyal to my parents, friends, and teachers.

Justin Bieber taught me to have a sense of humor and not to take things literally. I didn’t know who Chuck Norris was until I saw it in his Thank You’s in his second album. I used to take everything my dad said to me literally. Now I’m able to joke back with him without shutting myself out of the world.

As you can see, my belief in the Biebster is deeper then what you imagined. Nah, I’m not trying to rub my Bieber Fever off onto you, but what I was trying to do was make you see the obsession on a different, more personal level. Hopefully, the next time you get annoyed with your daughter or son or just a random person at the grocery store by singing his music or squealing over his pictures in a magazine, you remember me and why I believe in Justin Bieber.

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