To Be Like Bonnie

February 4, 2011
By Zoe_T PLATINUM, New City, New York
Zoe_T PLATINUM, New City, New York
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We stopped hiking and sat down with our heavy packs on, leaning against the ground and using them as a backrest. I took a gulp of water and adjusted myself on the pile of black rocks I was sitting on. From the “rock pile,” Mount Washington, we could see forever.

“What’s your dream job?” Tommy asked. We had been quizzing each other the whole way up. Questions made it easier and distracted us from our aching legs and backs.

“I want to be co-horseback director with Bonnie.” I want to be horseback director someday, but I never want Bonnie to leave.” And, that’s true. The barn without Bonnie would be empty.

Later that night, all 26 of us were sitting outside looking at the bright red sunset over the White Mountains. Jacquie and Tommy were complimenting each of us. It was freezing out, low forties, and we were all bundled up, sitting on a different pile of rocks.

Jacquie started. “Zoe… while we were walking here the mile here, to Lakes in the Clouds, Tommy and I were talking. He told me what you said about being horseback director. You want to be co-directors with Bonnie because you never want her to leave. You are willing to share your dream job. If one of us” motioning to her and Tommy, “were asked what our dream jobs were, we wouldn’t say we wanted to be camp director with John Tilly because he is so amazing, but rather be the director by ourselves. No one would want to share their dream job, they would want to do it alone and their way.”

Tommy interjected. “You watch out for everyone else’s feelings. Who else would want to share their dream job? Also, I admire you. You tell things how they are- no fluff, no sugar. You’re a realist. You don’t feel a need to make things better than they really are. You tell it as it is.”

This is who I am. I am a realist. But this all made me feel happy with myself. The best people don’t butter things up and coat them in sugar.

Bonnie is the best horseback director in the world, and also a realist, planning things and working in an imperfect world, able to rise to any occasion. She cares so much about the campers and is in love with her job. The horseback staff looks up to her. All of camp looks up to her.

One day when I was helping in the barn, I bumped into Bonnie as I walked into the tack room. Kesha was playing in the background. “I like your necklace”

From the bench, Hannah said “I like your top”

My love is your drug, your drug.

“I like your beard.” Hearing that from Bonnie was one of the funniest things ever. We couldn’t stop laughing, and no one knew why we were nearly falling on the floor.

Bonnie is my role model. She is always enthusiastic and always happy. She is someone who I will always aspire to be like.

Bonnie just is Bonnie- there is no other easy way to put it.

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