To My Hero (honestly)

January 12, 2011
By , Circle Pines, MN
To my hero, who I write about not because I am required to or was asked to but because he was such an inspiration to my life. My uncle was the definition of a good man. He recently died after struggling for three and a half years of cancer. One man at the funereal said "He died with his boots on." Well he literally did die getting his boots on so he could go to his mothers side who he takes care of (my grandmother has dementia). Of course my aunt was right there with him telling him not to worry about her, because she's a nurse and can do a fine job of keeping her healthy and well. Finally at the young age of 48 unmarried and the happiest man on earth he took his last breath reaching his arms out and talking to Jesus. You see, the one thing you must know to truly know my uncle is that Christ was the center of his world. Whenever the telemarketer called he always let them get every word out that they wanted to say and then he stopped them and said "Can I ask you a question now?" And my dear uncle always started it off with "Do you know where you would go if you died tonight?" I don't know how many people he saved over the telephone (I would reckon a lot) but I never had the courage until his death to really ask people the thought question. So to my hero and my dearest uncle I want to finish this ode off with a question. Where would you go if you died tonight? Would you be with Christ?

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