My mother: the faithful

January 9, 2011
By kitkat95 SILVER, Lake Worth, Florida
kitkat95 SILVER, Lake Worth, Florida
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I have a lot of people who has inspire me to overcome any obstacle that faces me; teachers, mentors, brothers and sisters. My mother is my hero not because she has faced poverty, illness, and natural disasters; such as earthquakes and floods, but because she always faced them with open arms and believe she can overcome them. She grew up in the poorest side of Haiti, a country that is poor no matter where you look. My mother faced abused not only from her own mother, but from my father as well she was not only physically abused but emotional as well. Where she grew up, it’s okay to be beaten and humiliated .She raised six children even thought only five was hers. She overcame more with her third grade education than a college student. She always put her children even her abusive husband first. She’s always willing to help someone no matter what time it is or how bad their situation are and she never gives up hope. From her I have learned patience, obedient and how to love. It hurts me so much to see how much pain she’s in and it hurts more to see her cry because she is too sick to work to take care of us. She has motivated me to achieve my dreams, and to become a hard working person because no matter where you came from, you still can turn out to be the person you wish to be. I LOVE YOU MOM.

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