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January 6, 2011
By kaylynshaw GOLD, Centralia, Washington
kaylynshaw GOLD, Centralia, Washington
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"always be your and go to the best of your ability because you have one life"

First let me begin out with who and why my role model is this person. My role model is Teresa and she lives in California, and she is a best friend and role model in my life if that is even possible. She is a great and just a spectacular person. Teresa has a crucial influence on me and my life, even though we live distant apart. I consistently get advice from her because I make sure I make the terrific decision in life. Like, where I'm at now is because all of my best decisions I have made in the past. Therefore, she had made terrible decisions in life, but in high school she just left and right and swept through getting good grades, and let me tell you I’m very proud of her.

First of all, I’m going to explain about this is young lady and why she is my fantastic role model. She has everything she can possibly have a perfect life, but you don’t know what she feel inside. Therefore, she had made a three sixty in life in high school, on another hand her parents were so hard on her about school and therefore her coaches in sports and her friends also bugged her about why are you doing this. Well, she does everything for another person, well this time she did something for her self. Therefore she is an outstanding woman. Teresa had taught me that me that I can be different and not like every one else. They will respect that that is the real you, and you will not change for anyone, also that you’re a real you and not for anyone else. Well she is a great person, and will not change for anyone else and this is why I'm such a great person now is cause of her. When I am down she always brings me up, she is almost like a sister to me, she has known me since I was a tiny little girl, and we’ve known each other for at least seven years.

Who did Teresa know her characteristics from and also who taught her in life? Well I would have to say she chose her friends smartly. Also she never wanted to be like her parents, all strict and never let her be a good teenager. But, I used to hang with her so she can breathe out of the house. Well she has made a huge role in my life because I always wanted to be like her pretty, smart, athletic, caring, respectful, popular, and also she had a lot of tolerance. The funny thing is that is my characteristics now, also I’m just like her. Well if she is like murdered or gone like that, it will have a impact and I will totally have a shut down for a little bit. Well also she is a great person I have said, also she has a totally fun personality and I could never trade her in my life as my role model and my best friend. She had done make over on me, she had totally made sure I was safe twenty four seven. Even though when she was a freshman I was in like third grade. Well we live far away and that is totally hard for me.

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