An Extraordinary Hero

January 1, 2011
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A firefighter, an actor or actress, a sports star, the president of the unite states of America, and an Olympic athlete. That is usually the answer that you will get when you ask someone who his or her hero is. The definition of hero us a man admired for his achievements and qualities. A hero is a person that you can rely on for anything and is the person that you strive to be like when you are older. A hero is a gift to have. The person that is your hero should be deeply honored.

My hero isn’t an Olympic athlete, isn’t a firefighter, her name isn’t known all over the world, when you say her name to people that don’t know her it doesn’t mean anything. But, to me her name means the world. My hero’s name is Carolyn Elizabeth Jewell she is my mom! My moms name doesn’t have to be known all over the country not even in the State of Colorado. Just that I know her name is important enough for me.

A hero doesn’t have to be a household name it can be someone that only you know. My hero is my mom the perfect one at that. My mom is everything to me I love her with all my heart. I can’t imagine my life without her in it. My mom isn’t just a ordinary human being she is extraordinary. My mom isn’t just my mother either she is my best friend too.
My mom is everything that I want to be when I am older. She is the world’s best mother and the smartest person that I know. She knows how to communicate with me when I don’t’ want to talk to anyone. My mom knows me better than I know myself. I hope that I can be half as good of a parent as her.
A hero is supposed to leave a footprint on your heart that can never be washed away. My mom has definitely left a imprint on my heart that I will never be able to wash away. My mom isn’t a Olympic athlete or, a firefighter, or the President of the United States, she isn’t someone that is known all over the country but she is know in my heart and that is all that is important to me. She is my hero and that is all that is important to me.

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