Mom has raised me to be this amazing (=

December 9, 2010
Hey, my life is really interesting. :p This will surprise most of you, but I was raised by my mom, who wasn't married. She had my grandparents to help her somewhat, and God too I believe. She told me that she prayed for me and my brother ever since we were born. I think that's how we have gotten this far. She is a very
religious person. I think she is smart to be, It is important to at least try. I look at different verses for different topics if I am wondering about them. I like to read devotionals every few days also. I know she had it somewhat hard trying to raise us. I always get sick in the worst ways. I believe in her though, because she was obviously changed by god. She acted so peaceful and I could tell when I was older that god was there for her in a big way. She has taught me a lot of what I know now about god, and she won't run from a situation, she will just pray and talk about how good god has been to her. It's so amazing to know that, god shows me through her that he is here. It is so hard for me to see this, It just kills me. I am a very quiet person, though I love to chat with people. Anyway please think of god's love if you get really sad, it should help you feel better. I have felt god warming my soul at times, he has made my life so blessed honestly. I do pray some and am trying to believe in the days ahead of me. I love you all a lot. Have a good day.

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