My Leaders

November 30, 2010
By Anonymous

A leader is someone who shows admirable qualities that people would want to follow. A leader can also be a person that is the head of some organization. My personal leaders are my parents. Some people might question that, but my parents have all the qualities of a leader. Some of the qualities they have are that he know when to say no, they always seem to make the right decisions, and they both work to make a living. When the time comes, I hope to be as adequate of a leader as they are.

People need to learn to make the right decisions. That is one of the most important qualities a leader can have. As their child, I would like to tell everyone that my parents taught me how to make the right decisions and I hope when I have children I will be able to teach them the same. The choices people make will affect everything and everyone around them and they will learn that sooner or later. For example, if they choose to smoke the people will around them will suffer from second-hand smoke. My parents do not smoke, drink, or use drugs, so their decisions will effect my decision in a way that they might not know. My parents seem to always make the right decisions. As a teenager, it might not seem like they are right, but when looking back on the situation you realize that the right decision was made.

Learning how to say no ties right in with making the right decisions. Saying no is one thing my parents know how to do. My parents have never bought me everything I wanted. I learned that if they say no the first time then they are going to keep saying no even if I ask ten more times. Parents need to tell the child no. If they do not tell their child no then all their child will ever be is a spoiled brat. Children these days need a leader that know when to say no.

To me a working person is a great leader or a role model. Both of my parents both work for a living to put food on the table for my brother and I. My parents know how to spend the money they make wisely, and I guess if you want to take it apart that is another quality by itself. I can only hope that both of these qualities will “rub off” onto me. I would like to have a job to provide for my family. A person who provides for their families is one of the most important aspects to me. Any parent who does this deserves a round of applause.

I will always look up to my parents for everything they taught me when I was I child and I would like to commend them for that. My parents have many exceptional qualities; do not get me wrong they have their qualities that are not perfect, but I feel like they have more good qualities than they do bad. My parents will always be my leader no matter what. Who is you leader?

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