My Grandma's Way Up

November 15, 2010
As my grandma was an adult with 3 kids of her own. She wasn’t satisfied with the life and the way things where working out for her. She didn’t like the amount of money was came in, specially being a single mother. Also the fact that her children wouldn’t have the support and education she wanted her kids to have. She knew that staying in El Salvador her kids would most likely get in gang because that was the “easiest” way to get money.

She crossed the boarder not once, but twice. The first time she came to some family in California, that supported her with shelter. During that time she worked in fields. She helped with providing money, but didn’t feel right living here and having more confert and her kids struggling with being without them.

The second time she crossed the boarder she when back for her oldest daughter, Claudia, 13 years old. She didn’t go for a long time. She couldn’t bring my mom with her because she was too young, she was 11, and her youngest boy was 5 years old.

The way back was more difficult then the first time because bringing someone younger meant to have to take longer on the way back. My grandma as an adult could go longer without needs, but my aunt was young and couldn’t go as long without them.

She went back to the family in California with the family there. She worked on the fields for a while and my aunt when to school like any girl would. My grandma got her papers straight, that way she could bring her other 2 kids to the U.S with any problems.

Thanks to my grandma am here, writting about her life.

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