Angry As a Lax Bull

November 15, 2010
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I pushed through the crowd and got into line for my lunch. One kid named Max and his “gang” in the class before us decided to cut in the very front of the line. Our entire class just watched and didn’t do anything about it. When no one decides to stop him I grabbed my milk carton and went to the front of the line. I asked, “Can you not cut?”
He just replied with a smirk and turns back around. I put my hand on his shoulder to get his attention again when he punched my face. I fell back onto the railing in the lunch line and everyone started to stare at me. I explode in anger yelling in disbelief, “What was that for?!”
I battered him to the wall, but he pushed my shoulder to the left and I fell onto the ground. I kicked his heel and he fell down hitting his head on everything on the way. I pulled Max up with me but he shoves my away. The whole lunch room watched us like hawks as I walked towards him. He kept shoving me back to the rail. My grip starts to tighten on the carton and soon it started to seep from the bottom. I duck down and punch his stomach as hard as I can and I hear his breath being knocked out of him. He tried to grab my collar and I swung wildly, barely grazing his chin with the carton. In my head I started to think, “Why isn’t the staff stopping him?” when he punched me directly on the side of my nose. Blood dripped on the collar of my shirt and on my pants when I got up, and the milk carton exploded in my hand. I slugged his face with it and He stepped back as he wiped milk off his face. I took a chance and kneed his stomach and he made a sound like a gag.
At that split second the principal comes in screaming, “What is going on here?” He saw us and it almost seemed like he instantly knew what happened. He grabbed both of us by the arm and brought us into his office. He gave me a box of tissues to wipe blood off my nose and we both got a long lecture from him saying how we should keep our hands to ourselves. I tried to tell him that he started it by punching me but he stops me in my tracks and gives me a lunch detention. We had to go to the guidance counselor for the next week to solve the problem between us. He finally confessed it was his fault on the first day, but that didn’t matter because he still ended up with me hating people like him.

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