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November 9, 2010
By micha31drum BRONZE, Menash, Wisconsin
micha31drum BRONZE, Menash, Wisconsin
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What makes one go the extra mile to help out their fellow man? Is it the inexplicable good feeling we receive afterward, or a sense of duty that drives us? It’s both for Nate, Good Guy Extraordinaire. He shows us all that talent can’t be wasted.

Nate admits to receiving a high when he does a good deed, but his many skills also give him a sense of, as he puts it, “Obligation to do well.” This is best understood when you allow Nate to dazzle you with his ability to teach karate to even the most unresponsive autistic children. “It takes lots and lots of patience,” he says, “but I really like what I do.” Like it or not, with a serious black belt and a way with people I have yet to fully understand, Nate, only 16, is the most qualified person for the job.

Upon meeting Nathan you’ll notice a strong energy radiating off of him like a blinding light. It’s something cocky, yet sweet, but not odorless. If you’re a woman, (or man, he doesn’t discriminate,) and you’re not already in the perfect relationship, you’ll probably fall in love when you gaze into his eyes for the first time. It’s funny that I’ve only gotten a few glimpses of those eyes, considering we’ve known each other for over a year now. They’re nearly always covered with aviator sunglasses that uphold the patented Nate image. The bleached hair, satchel, converse kicks, leather jacket, Christian necklace, large hips, and Hasselhoff complexion all do their part as well.

One thing I couldn’t have guessed right away about Nate was that behind that image with enough contrast to leave a stain in your mind forever is the voice of an angel. In fact, I’ve heard it best described as a combination of Fergie and Jesus. Those aren’t my words. They’re the words of random passerby while Nate spread his wings for just a verse. In doing so I caught a glimpse of magic he would’ve been unsuccessful in merely describing. The kid will sing you a song, have nearly all the lyrics wrong, and still leave you begging for more. When he told me he sings at nursing homes every Christmas, I wasn’t surprised, but I sure wished I lived in a nursing home.

Nate may very well be the most interesting man in the world. Lucky for us, he enjoys humbling himself enough to aid the less fortunate, (us). Nate feels good doing it, but he also knows that the world would surely be worse off if his talents were wasted. Both of these factors sculpt the Good Guy Extraordinaire’s rich, rounded texture. If you see Nate in the halls, I encourage you to say hi. His image is sure to leave a mind-stain.

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