My Non-Personal Hero

November 4, 2010
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Due to where I live, there are not many people that I know that can be deemed a “Hero”. So when my teacher announced that it was mandatory that we participate in the essay contest of our personal Michigan hero, I was sad that we actually had to know this person. I ended up writing about my sister, but that’s not the point.

The point is that I still had an urge to write another essay about my actual personal hero. He’s light at heart, he has a great personality, great charisma, and of course, great hair. His name is Donald J. Trump.

When I started watching The Apprentice I started to realize that I had an interest in business. I guess it was just some of the tasks that really spoke to me. I still watch this today, but then I started getting into Mr. Trump’s books. I am currently reading Think Like a Champion and probably will read other books by him. Some people laugh at me for having the book in school, since I’m only 13 and it has a picture of him staring at whoever’s it.

I genuinely admire Mr. Trump because he introduced me to something that I later embraced. By reading his books, I have learned a lot of lessons about playing fair, and thinking like a champion. I’ll remember these lessons forever.

Dear America, My hero is Donald Trump, and hopefully I’ll work for him some day.

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